Sy Kraft

Sy Kraft
Managing Director, CO OP West

I love to explore. I’ve strived (yet has happened quite organically) to be bi-coastal most of my life with a stint in Austin, TX. As much as I love that city, I’m not too keen on being land-locked (see Jennifer Grady’s bio here on this page). I’ve even lived in Cancun, Mexico working as CMO of an exotic hotel group along the Rivera Maya for three years. The restaurant I opened there and built with my bare hands is still thriving if you’re ever in the neighborhood.

Aside, being fortunate to be a brand building professional for over two decades, here’s what I’ve learned so far: 

“Go with your gut based on your cultural experiences. Verify or debunk with data. Be smart about sharing out with influence. Make it public and shine in its best contextual light. Follow up and tell richer stories thereafter. Do your homework. Lead. INSPIRE.

Never be satisfied with the easy answer because the easy answer isn’t necessarily the one that will transform your client’s business. I’m always looking for that key thought or strategic gem that will be the catalyst for great ideas. Never do work with winning awards as an objective.”

It’s true, some have said I’m a contemporary version of “Mad Men,” but I’ve never seen a single episode. True story. Please don’t judge. I honestly think it may be my hat collection that makes people think of me this way, and I’m okay with it.

I have however worked at McCann, Ogilvy, Grey, Leo Burnett and others with incredible client partners including General Motors, LVMH, adidas, Microsoft, Formula 1 Racing and many others from tacos to tires to thrombosis treatments.

Finally, I’m also an adjunct professor and course developer for FIDM in LA (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising). I feel an obligation to share and mentor as I learn in return. It’s that simple.